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Foto de todos os membros da equipe da Prisma Consultoria Internacional em frente do teatro TUCA.

We are a Junior Company formed by International Relations students from PUC-SP,  aiming to provide excellent services related to the internationalization of companies, while we develop and improve the skills of our employees through the practical application of their knowledge, thus finding the best solutions for your company.

Our solutions

Understand more about all the services offered by Prisma

Market Identification

Know where to expand your company based on a diagnosis of the best locations for your product or service.

Market analysis

Deep analysis of the international markets most compatible with your company through a complete study that goes according to your needs.

Regulation and Tariffs

Discover what is essential for the export process, as well as its tariff and bureaucratic procedures in accordance with Brazilian and/or international standards.

List of Buyers

Find a range of important contacts and analyzes for an easy entry abroad.

List of Suppliers

Find suppliers for the product you want to internationalize and achieve success abroad. 

Market Update

Keep up to date with possible changes and market opportunities to better target your investments.

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