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the MEJ

Which is:

The Junior Enterprise Movement (MEJ) is an initiative of which the Brazilian Confederation of Junior Enterprises (Brasil Júnior) is part, with the purpose of regulating and promoting this type of business in Brazil. Its purpose is to encourage entrepreneurship in the country, in order to create a more empowering, ethical, educating and collaborative context for youth.


Aiming to train true leaders for change, the MEJ provides the foundation for the solidification of such a project. With values based on exceeding expectations, interdependence and cooperation between the parties, honesty and entrepreneurial thinking, it is capable of training educated professionals for the job market.


MEJ is not just for junior entrepreneurs, but for transformers.

Our Recognition 

Find out why Prisma was awarded at the MEJ in 2021

High Growth Junior Company

In March, we reached our project and revenue targets for 2021

Connected Junior Company

We achieved our membership goals in MEJ events and also in projects carried out in conjunction with other junior companies

Our Instances

As a federated junior company, we are linked to the following instances:

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