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Corn: the extensive and promising agribusiness in the international market

    Corn has been present in the human diet for a long time, being one of the most prominent cereals in the world's diet. In Brazil, it was already present even before the arrival of the Portuguese, and today it is a food that is at the base of the production of several dishes that are widely consumed by Brazilians, such as hominy, popcorn, cornmeal, couscous, among others. In addition to being widely consumed, it is a source of carbohydrates and fiber and helps to strengthen the immune system, in addition to being an energy-based cereal for feeding cattle, swine and poultry.

  Corn is one of the possible bases for the ethanol biofuel.

    This product is used not only in food, but also in the production of ethanol, a biofuel that, in addition to being cheaper than regular gasoline, is renewable and helps to reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. According to the Nova Cana website, a ton of corn can produce 430 liters of ethanol, being more productive than other raw materials for fuel, such as sugar cane, which yields just 90 liters.

  In 2019, Brazil was the largest corn exporter in the world.

   In 2019, according to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, Brazil exported 44.9 million tons of the cereal, and became the largest exporting country of the product this year, generating revenues of US$ 7.776 billion, according to data of the Foreign Trade Secretariat, surpassing the market leader, the United States. Internally, corn cultivation is more concentrated in the Midwest region, more specifically in Mato Grosso, where six municipalities contributed with 52.9% of the state's total production. The biggest consumers of the Brazilian product are Japan, Iran and Vietnam, accounting for 15.7% of sales in the country.


   The importance of the performance of an international consultancy.

   Exporting corn, therefore, is a guarantee of success in the international consumer market, as it covers both the food and renewable fuels area, which has been a major investment by countries today, aiming to reduce polluting gases. Therefore, for this export process, research and follow-up is necessary to choose the best country and the most stable consumer market. Prisma can help you, offering our international consulting services, assisting you in all the necessary steps to expand your business worldwide.

By Yasmin Goes 07/02/2020



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